About Us

Harmonie Protea Farm is a full functional Protea farm, situated in the Rayton area near Cullinan, about 45 km east from Pretoria and easily accessible from the N4 Witbank highway. The farm was started in 2002 with 400 protea plants. There are currently over 20 000 plants, with over 30 varieties of protea and fynbos. It is interesting to note that quite a few protea varieties are named after famous people – such as the Madiba, named after Nelson Mandela, and the Lady Di, named after late Princess Diana.

All protea flowers have the normal unique botanical names, but many have interesting and colorful common names, such as Sugar Daddy, Disco Date, Pink Ice and Brenda.We love farming with proteas, and it becomes difficult to select a favorite. However, there is no question that the King protea – the South African national flower – is by far the best known and most popular. One only has to hold a King protea and examine it, to understand why.



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